Canned products, new protagonists in the restoration industry

Canned products, new protagonists in the restoration industry

According to the magazine specializing in food, ‘Alimente’, currently a multitude of restaurants dedicate their letter entirely to canned products, which have become the new protagonists of gastronomy.

‘Alimente’ takes a tour of those restaurants where canned cans now attract the attention of the most reputable chefs, “to the point of leading their own restaurant concept.”

Restaurants where to taste canned products in Spain

‘Alimente’ begins its tour of the restaurant whose distinctive are the canned products naming ‘ Salmento ‘, a restaurant in Seville where specialties are the medallion of duck foie gras or mackerel with pepper marmalade.

Another of the recommendations of ‘Alimente’ is ‘Conservas Nudista‘, a tavern in Madrid considered one of the main references in canned products. Its strong are canned fish, shellfish and vegetables . It is also characterized by its high range of hot canned foods.

As for Barcelona, ‘Alimente’ highlights ‘Quimet & Quimet ‘ or  ‘Bodega 1900‘, two classics that are distinguished by producing very creative combinations from canned products. The uniqueness of ‘Quimet & Quimet ‘ is that it has no kitchen, so all dishes are served cold, ‘ but that is not an inconvenience but its hallmark, ‘ stresses ‘Alimente’.

In addition to these restaurants, the fans of canned products can also visit others like ‘ El Pez de San Lorenzo‘, in Burgos or ‘Muy, Placer en Conserva‘, in Madrid.


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