The new Council of the Artichoke of Tudela has as main objective to promote its products among the consumers

The new Council of the Artichoke of Tudela has as main objective to promote its products among the consumers

The new regulating Council of the protected Geographical indication Artichoke of Tudela was constituted after the elections held last April 16.

According to, this new council has as main objectives “to disseminate and promote its products among consumers highlighting their qualities, protect the protected name and carry the records of the registered operators and in some cases carry directly control of the products received, and certify that they have been produced according to the specification that regulates it. ”

Members of the new Council of the Artichoke of Tudela

As collects, as president repeats Guillermo Agorreta, farmer of Fontellas, while Jaime Castel-Ruiz will be vice president. Castel-Ruiz belongs to a well-known family of farmers with a lot of experience in the production of fruits and vegetables, known as ‘Frutas y Verduras Castel-Ruiz.

As vowels will be present several personalities of the sector producer, sector of the marketers and the sector of the canneries. As representatives of the canning sector will be Pedro Luís Antón, from Conservas Pedro Luis; and José Luís Medrano, from Impex Medrano.

As representative of the Government of Navarre, Isabel Pascual has been elected, while Ana Juanena will continue to represent the Secretariat of the Regulatory Council.

Artichoke of Tudela, quality assurance

The Artichoke of Tudela is one of the quality brands covered under the Reyno Gourmet brand. According to this organization, “Artichoke of Tudela is one of the vegetables most demands by the gourmets”. It emphasizes that in Navarre is cultivated only the variety ‘Blanca de Tudela‘, “and is distinguished from others by its more rounded form and by having a circular hole in the upper part because the bracts or leaves do not come together to close the head” maintains that the guarantee to know that it is the true Artichoke of Tudela is on the label and the Counterlabel, which includes the symbol of the Protected Geographical Indication and the numbering of the regulating Council, both for fresh artichokes as canned artichokes.

Requirements to be received by the Protected Geographical Indication

According to, to belong to the protected geographical indication, the fresh artichokes must be of Extra and First category, being able to belong to two levels of calibrated, artichokes of between 60 and 90 mm and artichokes of more than 90 mm.

As for the presentation, for artichokes with stem and leaves, the stem can measure up to 18 cm in length and have 1 or 2 whole leaves, while for the artichokes without stem, the stem should not exceed 10 cm in length, without any leaf , according to


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