The importation of artichokes from Peru obliges Valencian producers to lower prices

The importation of artichokes from Peru obliges Valencian producers to lower prices

According to, ‘Unió de Llauradors (Union of Farmers of Valencia) has denounced “the lowering of prices of the fresh artichoke in the producing areas of the ‘Comunitat Valenciana’“. This is a 44% reduction in what we have been doing in the year, mainly because of the massive importation of artichokes from Peru.

According to ‘Agroinformación’, prices have been plummeting month by month and currently the producer charges between €0.35 and 0.45 €/kg for fresh artichokes and between €0.20 and €0.30 if they go to industry. These figures “place the quotes almost half of those that were paid earlier this year with the spring campaign.”

The importation of artichokes from Peru destined to the industry implies a saturation of the supply

Unió de Llauradors‘ has stated in its statement that “the importation of Peruvian artichokes destined to the industry is causing that our production that traditionally was directed to the industry, as it does not have room, is diverted to the consumption in fresh, which leads to a saturation of supply and price decline.

Valencian producers also emphasize that consumers do not have the option to buy canned products from Spain in some supermarkets in Valencia and are forced to acquire them “obligatorily from other countries”. From the agrarian organization they emphasize that these practices are legal, although “they ruin to many farmers”, that they see like their production of the last part of the campaign that, traditionally, deviated to the industry no longer has that exit.

‘Unió de Llauradors’ closes its statement urging consumers to “check in stores and supermarkets the labels of origin of the canned artichokes and claim the origin of Spanish and Valencian production areas.”


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