Argentina’s canned fish companies face a delicate situation

Argentina’s canned fish companies face a delicate situation

Alejandro Pennisi, president of the Argentine Chamber of Fish Industrialists, maintained, in a statement collected by ‘’, that the level of production of canned fish from Mar de Plata (Argentina) ranges between 30% and 40% of what they produced four years ago.

To Pennisi the main causes of this crisis are the fall of consumption, high interest rates and tax withholdings. He also stressed that the companies in this sector sell all their production in the Argentinian market, where consumption has declined considerably.

Alejandro Pennisi also reproached the strong national tax regime, by means of which the State obliges the companies of the sector to pay advance taxes or the payment of a 5% monthly interest rate.

The numbers that reflect Argentina’s canned fish companies crisis

Pennisi confessed that of the 30 companies operating in the canned fish sector in the Argentinean city of Mar de Plata, only 5 remain. Another figure that reflects the fall in the production of canned fish is that of the number of workers, of the 900 jobs formerly offered by these companies, only remain 500, according to ‘’.

The president of the Argentine Chamber of Fish Industrialists also showed his concern about the competition for these canned fish companies large supermarket chains, which work, in large part, with imported products , according to ‘’ reports.

In the face of this delicate situation that is going through the canned fish sector, Alejandro Pennisi only hopes that companies will change the situation and find alternatives to return to production levels.


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