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Spain and Peru sign cooperation agreement on tuna fishing activity | Canners News

Spain and Peru sign cooperation agreement on tuna fishing activity

Spain and Peru sign cooperation agreement on tuna fishing activity

According to Anfaco.es, ANFACO-CECOPESCA and the Peruvian Tuna Chamber  signed, during the IX World Tuna Conference, held in Vigo, a cooperation agreement, with the aim of uniting efforts increasing technical, scientific, formative, informative or other cooperation between the two countries.

This agreement was signed by the president of Peruvian Tuna Chamber, Alfonso Miranda Eyzaguirre, and by the general secretary of ANFACO-CECOPESCA, Juan Vieites, according to the Peruvian news agency, Andina.

The representatives of both organizations emphasized, in statements gathered by Andina, that this agreement will bring benefits to both institutions and to society at large, as it will carry out activities and studies, as well as the exchange of information and data that are of interest to both institutions, and the organization of technical and scientific events on the fisheries sector with the participation of professionals from both associations.

Export of canned tuna

During the IX World Tuna Conference, they also presented data on the export of canned tuna from Peru. According to Andina.pe, the secretary of the Peruvian Tuna Chamber explained that, during 2018, Peru exported $32 million in tuna canned goods and $18 million in frozen products from this resource, which is primarily used as a raw material for other countries.

As for Peru’s imports of canned fish, Eyzaguirre confessed that the Latin American country imported approximately $70 million in canned goods, with Thailand being the first supplier country, according to the Peruvian news agency.

Andina.pe also contains statements in which the Peruvian Tuna Chamber holder states that, in the medium term, Peru aspires to create 5,000 new jobs in the fisheries sector, and to be the main supplier of canned tuna on the domestic market, as well as to expand the up to $250 million per year.

To this end, he stressed that Peruvian companies must receive 100,000 tonnes of tuna, and also highlighted the work of Peruvian entrepreneurs who have invested more than $200 million to improve and expand their facilities to cope with increased demand tuna canned goods.

The Spanish case

Spain is the European Union’s leading producer of fish and shellfish preserves and the second largest in the world, second only to Thailand, and markets its products in more than 140. Galicia remains the main autonomous community that exports fishery products, accounting for about 80% of shipments abroad in the country.

According to La Voz de Galicia, 50% of Spanish production corresponds to the Fisheries Producers Organizations , which generate more than 634,000 tons and invoice more than 1.3 million euros.


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