Spain bills more than 14 million euros in frozen and canned seafood products

Spain bills more than 14 million euros in frozen and canned seafood products

According to, in Spain there are a total of 653 frozen and canned seafood companies  which jointly invoice 14,559 million euros and employ 30,683 people.

Financial Food highlights that by sectors, that of frozen seafood invoiced 10,947 million euros and gave direct work to 19,680 people, while the canning sector invoiced 3,611 million euros and generated 11,003 direct jobs.

These data arise from the latest “Informe Sectorial de la Industria y Comercialización de Productos Pesqueros”,  prepared by the Consortium of the Free Zone of Vigo and Conxemar 2019 and analyzed by

Conxemar is the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of Fish Products and Aquaculture, which, according to data, brings together 245 partner companies that represent an annual turnover of 8.888 million euros , i.e. 61% of total turnover, and overall more than 15,900 jobs, representing 52% of the total.


According to, Galicia is the lead in the national activity, with a total of 234 companies and a combined turnover of 7,266 million euros. After Galicia, the autonomous communities that bill the most are Valencia, Andalusia and Catalonia.

In addition, Galicia accounts for about 80% of Spanish exports of canned fish and seafood. Within the canning area, Spain is the main producer of the European Union and the second in the world, second only to Thailand, and markets its products in more than 140 countries.


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