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Murcia is already the fourth Spanish province to export fish | Canners News

Murcia is already the fourth Spanish province to export fish

Murcia is already the fourth Spanish province to export fish

According to La Verdad, the 49 companies in the sector operating in Murcia issued between January and April 2019 “6,332,000 kilos of fish, seafood, preserves and saltings, which provided 62,257,110 euros“. These figures are 12.4% more than the same period of the previous year, when these companies hit record with almost 170 million euros in revenue. And this year everything indicates that that mark will be surpassed again, since 36.6% of that amount has been billed during the first quarter of 2019 alone. This data has led Murcia to be the fourth Spanish province in export of fish, only surpassed by Pontevedra, La Coruña and Barcelona“.

The most requested products

The newspaper La Verdad maintains that the star product is tuna fillets, whose export has contributed 32.3 million euros during the first quarter, with an increase of 62%, according to data of ‘Instituto de Comercio Exterior‘ collected by La Verdad.

In addition to tuna fillets, the other most requested products are sea bass and gilthead seabream, followed by octopus, whole tuna and preserves, which have seen an increase of 31.6%, which means 2.6 million euros in revenue.

The newspaper La Verdad also highlights the rise in demand for other products such as chopped and frozen fish, swordfish fillets or shrimp.

However, it argues that the export of the rest of seafood decreases by 40%, as do squid that fall by 19.6% and clams by 72.8%. The shipment to the outside of anchovies or mackerel has also suffered a considerable decrease.

Export fish, one of the fastest growing economic activities

As La Verdad reflects in its article, the export of fish and seafood represents for the Region of Murcia one of the economic activities that has experienced the most growth since the beginning of the crisis. “Of the 51,185,968 euros entered in 2009, it was set at the record of 169,766,789 euros last year.”

Over the past five years the pace of sales doubled, almost certainly breaking another record this year, “since 36.6% of that amount has already been invoiced between January and April, covering the setback suffered by shellfish and molluscs”, according to the newspaper La Verdad.

This data has led Murcia to be already the third province in export of fish, after surpassing this year to Biscay and Cadiz.

As for the main buyers of seafood from Murcia, Japan stands out in first place, which has tripled its orders for bluefin tuna and “accounts for a third of the sales”. It is followed by Italy, South Korea, Portugal and France. Other countries such as the US, Belgium, Holland or the UK have also begun to increase their orders.


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