Murcia pays homage to the canning industry through ‘Feria de las Tradiciones’

Murcia pays homage to the canning industry through ‘Feria de las Tradiciones’

According to ‘La Opinion de Murcia’, Molina de Segura’s City Council “aims to make public recognition to the guild of canneries, innovators in the world of vegetable conservation, which was so important for the locality“. This homage is made through the ‘III Feria de las Tradiciones’, which takes place from 2 to 5 May.

Molina de Segura, cradle of the vegetable Preserve

According to ‘La Verdad’, Molina de Segura has been known for decades as ‘ the cradle of the vegetable preserve. That is why the central theme of this edition of the contest will be the sector of the canned vegetables. For this purpose, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, tastings and institutional events have been scheduled.

In addition, in Molina de Segura are some of the most important canneries in the region of Murcia, as is the case of ‘Conservas Sandoval’. “You have to bet on the preserve because I, as a third generation, when I go to the national or international market I open all the doors when I say that I come from Molina de Segura,” maintained the representative of Conservas Sandoval, José Miguel Vicente Sandoval, in a statement for ‘La Verdad’.

With this ‘III Feria de las Tradiciones’, the city council aims to make public recognition to the six companies in the sector that are still active in Molina de Segura and that give work to much of the population of the municipality.


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