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Peru's canned artichoke exports increase | Canners News

Peru’s canned artichoke exports increase

Peru’s canned artichoke exports increase

According to AGRARIA.PE, Peru exported 28,993,321 kilos of canned artichoke, only between January and October of 2018. Which in economic figures translates to more than 74 million dollars.

With this amount, Peru has exceeded the total kilos of canned artichoke exported the previous year in the same time interval, which was 25,460,848 kilos.

Main importers of Peruvian canned artichoke

Agraria.pe also mentions the main countries to which Peru has sent its preserved artichokes in what we have been in the year. First of all, the United States has disbursed more than 50 million dollars for the Peruvian product. Then, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands appear.

In the case of Spain, it is worth mentioning that about 14.3 million dollars have been allocated to the purchase of artichoke in Peru.

Peru increases by 112,6% the production of its canned artichoke exportations compared to the previous year

Peru’s canned artichoke producers and processors are constantly working to increase these figures year after year. According to Fresh Plaza, Peru’s canned artichoke exports have increased by 112.6% their foreign market-oriented production in the last year. This medium also reveals that last year was allocated to the outside about 45 million kilos, which economically means more than 123 million dollars.

This volume of exports from Peru is partly due to the enjoyment of zero tariffs on their exports to both Europe and the United States.

In the Spanish case, canned artichoke producers and processors are still far from being able to reach zero tariffs on their exports to the US country, although they have recently concluded the agreement reached with the USA. The United States, which has agreed to reduce the tariff on Spanish imports of canned artichokes by up to 3%.

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