Gulfood, a great expansion opportunity to Spanish companies to the Arabian market

Gulfood, a great expansion opportunity to Spanish companies to the Arabian market

From 17 to 21 February 2019 has taken place in Dubai the 24th edition of Gulfood, considered the third most important showcase in the food industry worldwide, according to

For this fair have passed around 95,000 professionals from 185 countries to know the latest holdings and proposals in the food and beverage sector presented by 5,000 exhibitors, according to

Gulfood has become a expansion strategic opportunity to Spanish companies to augment their export.. This event makes Dubai become the World Food capital every year with the aim of showing a global vision of the importance and capacity of the Arabian market, which also has a high purchasing power.

Presence of Spanish companies in Gulfood 2019

According to confirms, approximately 40 Spanish companies have decided to participate in this fair in order to make known their products and to establish international business relations.

As for the companies of Region of Murcia, have been 18 that have decided to move to Dubai to be present in the largest professional meeting related to the feeding of the Persian Gulf, with the aim of reinforcing their presence and increase their exports in this area, says

Regarding the Murcian companies in the sector of canned fruit and vegetables, we emphasize the presence of Juver or Marín Montejano Group.

In addition, exports of conserves to UAE represent Region of Murcia a total of 2.5 million euros, according to statements by Javier Celdrán, Employment, Universities, Business and Environment counselor, collected by

At the national level, other companies have decided to take advantage of this opportunity to expand their sales in the Persian Gulf countries, such as UAE or Qatar, which imports between 75% and 90% of the food they consume, as argues. This is the case of Ubago, considered the leading company in Spain of canned mackerel, which has taken advantage of its presence in Gulfood 2019 to begin the opening of new ways to export its products to Emirates, Kuwait, Oman or India, according to statements by Its commercial director to Diario Sur.


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