Galicia exported almost 80% of the spanish canned fish and shellfish in 2018

Galicia exported almost 80% of the spanish canned fish and shellfish in 2018

Galicia exported 79.38% of the canned fish and shellfish in Spain in 2018, according to data from the Customs report of 2018, collected by Europa Press. So much is the importance of this autonomous community in this sector, which during the past year moved 48.5% of all the frozen fish in Spain to foreign countries, according to the same agency.

The online portal maintains that Spain is the main producer country of the European Union and the second world-wide, only surpassed by Thailand, and sells its products in more than 140 countries. Within Spain, Galicia remains, another year, the main autonomous community that exports products from fisheries and aquaculture, representing about 80% of the country’s total exports. It is also noteworthy that by provinces, A Coruña and Pontevedra are those that carry out almost all the Galician exports.

Sustainable growth of the canned fish and shellfish sector 

The canned fish and shellfish sector maintained a sustainable growth during 2018, both in volume, which increased by 0.2%, as in value, which grew by 4.1%, according to

As for numbers, the 252 companies that are part of Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Conservas de Pescados‘ (Anfaco-Cecopesca) invoiced 10.4 billion euros, captured 936,292 tonnes, produced 345,635 tonnes and transformed 867,633 Tons. In addition, 414 new jobs were created to exceed the total of 26,000 people working in this sector, as the portal collects.

Brexit and Thailand, main threats to Spanish canning plants

The UK’s trade situation in the face of its imminent departure from the European Union or the removal of the “yellow card” from Thailand for illegal fishing are the main threats to the canning industry in Spain, says

Juan Manuel Vietes, secretary general of Anfaco-Cecopesca, expressed to ‘La Voz de Galicia’ during a press conference held on 7 March in Vigo, which since the association are unaware of how they will economically affect the Brexit, since exports to the kingdom United aggregate 200 tonnes per year in the amount of 120 million.

However, he also stressed that the product will continue to be sold, thanks to the Galician canned fish companies have presence in more than 115 countries around the world.


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