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Conservas Sandoval, the brand of fried tomato of the Murcia and a benchmark at national and international level | Canners News

Conservas Sandoval, the brand of fried tomato of the Murcia and a benchmark at national and international level

Conservas Sandoval, the brand of fried tomato of the Murcia and a benchmark at national and international level

Conservas Sandoval is a Murcian company that has been working in the vegetable canning sector for more than half a century, which has allowed it to achieve a great international projection “thanks to a proposal based on selecting the best ingredients Natural and produce the product in a traditional way“, according to ‘La Verdad’.

Conservas Sandoval‘s specialty is the fried tomato. To do this, according to ‘La Verdad’, they use ingredients 100% natural, with perfectly selected pear tomatoes, chopped and clean of skins and impurities, as well as an Extra virgin olive oil of great quality. His secret is to fry the tomato over low heat to keep its original flavor.

This recipe has conquered customers around the world, proof of this are the statements of some of them collected by  ‘La Verdad’ in which they qualify as “the best homemade fried tomato in the market for its excellent taste, texture and cleanliness, making it unique in its Gender “.

History, facilities and services of Conservas Sandoval

Conservas Sandoval, based in Molina de Segura, was founded more than 50 years ago by José Sandoval, offering from its inception guarantee, service and commitment to achieve the full satisfaction of its customers. Now, José Miguel Vicente Sandoval has continued the legacy of its founder to make the firm one of the most modern, innovative and competitive companies in the sector.

The company has facilities of more than 30,000 square meters, which have the latest technological advances. In addition, Conservas Sandoval is a founding member of ‘Centro Tecnológico Nacional de la Conserva‘, so it makes available to its clients services for the improvement, research, innovation and creation of new products.

Conservas Sandoval also stands out for being a pioneer in the design of state-of-the-art packaging.

Keys to Conservas Sandoval’s success

In addition to its flagship product, the fried tomato, Conservas Sandoval sells other sauces, such as fried onion, vegetable fries, fried spinach, tomato for pizzas, tomato and pepper, tomato and pepper with tuna, apple gelatin…

The quality of these products, together with the work philosophy of the company and its commitment to innovation, has led the brand to enjoy multiple recognitions, such as “the award for the best agro-food SMEs in the region of Murcia, a public acknowledgement that places this form in the first line of the sector”, according to ‘La Verdad’.

José Miguel Vicente Sandoval, current manager of the company, kept in a statement collected to ‘La Verdad’ that the greatest quality of Conservas Sandoval is “wanting to be always the best, not only in spirit, but backed by our manufactured, which encompass quality, service and maximum competitiveness”.

Thus, Conservas Sandoval has become the brand of fried tomato of the Murcia and in a reference at national and international level, “where it has more and more commercial presence”.

Vicente Sandoval also pointed out to ‘La Verdad’ that “being Murcia cradle of the vegetable preserve, the orchard of Spain and the pantry of the world, not only is it a pride but also a responsibility for us that the world puts the eyes in Murcia when it comes to eat well and healthy”.


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